Tinder Is Rolling Out A New Super-Like Feature For Users With No Chill

Let’s talk about online dating for a second, OK? I have active accounts on Tinder, OK Cupid, Hinge and Coffee Meet Bagel (ugh, I hate this last one and its stupid name, so much I’m deleting it from my phone as soon as I’m done writing this post), but these days I mostly stick to Tinder because of the high volume of users. But while I get a decent amount of matches, I rarely actually move past those overly enthusiastic “CONGRATS! YOU HAVE A NEW MATCH!” notifications into actual conversation and then date territory. Frankly, it’s rare that I match with anyone who seems interesting enough to steal my time away from my dog and my loom — though, in fairness, that is as much a reflection of just how fucking interesting I find my dog and my loom to be.

But it’s also because of how devoid of information these dating apps are — the vast majority of the guys I swipe through on Tinder have a handful of pictures but zero information about themselves, which forces me to dole out NOPEs and LIKEs based on a close reading of his accessories (seriously, they say A LOT) and whatever I can glean about his lifestyle from his photos. Needless to say, while I’m generally very confident in my NOPE choices, I very, very often match with someone who, upon taking a second look at his profile, makes me think HUH? I LIKED THIS GUY? WAS I HIGH? In short, each right LIKE swipe comes with a heavy dose of doubt that only can become a legitimate LIKE if we actually talk and go out and maybe hit it off and stuff. Until then, that LIKE is more of a “MEH OKAY FINE WHY NOT? AT LEAST I’M NOT REPULSED.”

All of which is to say, I do not understand the need for Tinder’s soon to roll out “SUPER LIKE” feature. Users in Australia will get to try it first, but it’s headed stateside next, and allows users one SUPER LIKE per day, deployed by swiping UP and reserved for that one potential match that really knocks your socks off … somehow. Then, when the person who you Super Liked stumbles across your profile, they will see a banner at the top of your profile that alerts them to your complete lack of chill and enthusiastic interest in what they have to offer. The hope, Tinder says, is that this will further encourage them to like you back. Which, maybe it will? I don’t know.

But what I for sure don’t understand is how anyone can determine that they SUPER LIKE someone on Tinder based on such little information. Even the most ample profiles have at most, like, three sentences. What could you possibly SUPER LIKE about a person whose three profile photos are best described as “blurry,” “blurry but artsy,” and “well-lit, but with bagel in front of face”? Or whose profile reads “5’9, since girls seem to care about that shit”? While I’ve occasionally gotten a little excited about a potential match on a site like OK Cupid, which has far more robust profile information, literally the strongest positive reaction I’ve had while swiping through Tinder has been towards guys I happen to have already slept with, who I maybe wouldn’t mind sleeping with again if they also happen to swipe right on me. And I certainly wouldn’t Super Like them because, again, talk about having NO CHILL.

So yeah, I don’t see myself using this Super Like feature very often, if at all. But how about the rest of you daters, who are perhaps a little less cynical than I — are you excited to Super Like? [The Cut]