Stephen Colbert Is Back!

Stephen Colbert is back to all of our late-night televisions, hurrah! His “Late Night” debut kicked off with one last introduction from a now-retired Jon Stewart, who was seen most recently smacking John Cena with a chair at WWE Summer Slam, as you may remember. He then moved on to gorge on the Donald Trump stories he hasn’t been able to cover in the time between “The Colbert Report” ending and his “Late Night” debut:

Colbert’s guests last night were George Clooney and Jeb Bush, Colbert’s first Republican candidate guest for the new election season, but also Colbert’s first Republican candidate guest since he got to stop pretending to be a conservative pundit. His hosting style isn’t very different, but he got to rib Jeb more than he would’ve on the “Report,” asking him why his campaign opted for the extraordinarily earnest-seeming slogan, “Jeb!”:

Man, is it good to have Colbert back!


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