Russia Bans PornHub Because It’s Hurting Kids Or Something

Russia’s communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor, has banned PornHub and ten other web sites. The agency claims that it’s protecting children, and that the sites illegally distributed and produced pornography.

This is the same agency that claimed that Facebook’s gay pride emojis might be “gay propaganda” aimed at children. It doesn’t take much for Roskomnadzor to ban sites – Reddit was banned for a discussion of psychedelic mushrooms (hardly the most morally decrepit conversation I’ve ever heard of ever being hosted on Reddit, personally), and Wikipedia has been blacklisted over a page about pot. Celebrity memes are also banned in Russia, which maybe has to do with the fact that Vladimir Putin memes can be particularly pointed and hilarious.

So far, though, Pornhub doesn’t know if there’s any one specific piece of content that triggered the ban. They told The Verge that they’re looking for ways to reinstate the site in Russia. Of course, maybe at some point they’re just going to drop the guise that there’s actually a good reason to ban these sites, and maybe that point is now.

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