Queen Elizabeth II Is Now Britain’s Longest-Serving Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest-reigning British monarch in history today, surpassing the long reign of her great-great-grandmother, Victoria, at 5:30 this afternoon (London time, obviously). At 89 years old, Elizabeth has been the Queen since 1952 – a full 63 years and seven months.

She said she won’t be celebrating – she’d like it to be a “normal day,” possibly because it could be seen as morbid or rude to celebrate the fact that you managed to live longer than your great-great-grandma. She also said that the milestone isn’t something she ever aspired to; she was just fortunate to have lived a long life.

The British monarchy started going through significant changes during Victoria’s reign, with the monarchy losing political power as Parliament gained. Elizabeth has managed to make the royal family the face of public service and duty, a symbol of British culture, and the unchanging foundation of British governance as Parliament changes parties and leaders.

Since she doesn’t want too much celebration, a simple congratulations to Elizabeth II!



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