Josh Duggar Doesn’t Feel Too Bad About Cheating, Molesting Children

According to a source speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” Josh Duggar apparently has “no remorse” over cheating on his wife Anna, and that¬†“he is not the person everyone thought they knew.” Which is not surprising because he doesn’t actually seem like the kind of person to have remorse over anything, period.

That same source also tells “ET” that Duggar was going around joking about getting caught molesting five young girls.

Not to be hyperbolic, but given this, given the fact that he molested children to begin with, given the way he apparently treated porn star Danica Dillon–all while going around pretending to be Captain Holy Pants–I think Josh Duggar may be a legitimate sociopath, and I don’t think any Christian Labor Camp (or anything else, honestly), is going to fix that.

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