Beyoncé Doesn’t Give Interviews, But Will Fill Out Your “Cloud,” If You Ask Nicely

Here’s the queen on the cover of Flaunt, looking like a cool, fresh pile of crisp $100 bills. The cover story is nothing more than a series of beautifully-shot photos and a couple of quick paragraphs dashed off about her influence, her essence, her Bey-ness. Didn’t you hear? Beyoncé doesn’t need to do interviews anymore, darlings. She gets the cover of the September issue of Vogue without giving one breath of a quote because her entire life has been a hustle, and don’t you ever forget it.

What Flaunt did get her to do, however, was to fill out this word association cloud, which gives us an insight into the wheels that spin beneath that hair.


Beyonce thinks Twitter is just as much of a cesspool as you do, is obsessed with “Hamilton” and confirms my long-held suspicion that her “hair closet” is a vast and expansive space full of wonder and mystery. Stars, they are actually sort of really like us. [Flaunt]