There’s No Such Thing As Chemical-Free Eating

A few months ago, I started an elimination diet under the guidance of a nutritionist. This wound up with me eating roughly paleo, not because I think that the paleo diet makes legitimate sense on its own, but because the paleo diet roughly aligned with the foods I’ve been able to tolerate eating for the last few months.

But I stopped myself from committing to paleo when I started reading paleo forums, because they were full of people who had convinced themselves that they were eating “clean” and chemical-free, and had abandoned even the concept of having cheat days because they thought so poorly of unclean, chemical-laden foods. PaleoLeap has a great article about how the paleo diet – and, really, any diet –can contribute to orthorexia, an eating disorder in which a person starts attaching a sort of moral value to to food and becomes preoccupied with eating the “right kinds” of foods.

But the funny thing, as this video from the ASAPScience YouTube channel points out, is that all foods contain chemicals – all of which have a measure of toxicity, and many of which are in fact more toxic than man-made chemicals. The point is, as always, that everything can and should be taken in moderation, including the limitations you put on foods in the interest of your health.


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