Kim Davis Released From Jail, Can’t Interfere With Marriage Licenses

Embattled Kentucky bigot Kim Davis¬†has officially been released from jail, where she was sent on account of the fact that she refused to do her job and it’s nearly impossible to fire her because she’s a public official. However, there are some conditions!

You see, Davis will not be able to impede the issuing of marriage licenses to gay couples. So although she won’t be rotting in a jail cell, she will still be pretty miserable having to just sit and watch as all these gay people get marriage licenses even though she dislikes the idea of them doing that! The horror! It would be like having to watch someone eat your least favorite kind of sandwich right in front of you! Pure torture!

Kim Davis release conditions
kim davis release conditions 2

Davis is also expecting visits from Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz today, both of whom believe it is a violation of her religious liberty to be expected to do her job like any other grown ass person. They also do not believe that the Supreme Court has the right to interpret the constitution and make gay marriage the law of the land–which they definitely, actually do! Because it’s not as though SCOTUS rulings are only valid when you agree with them!

UPDATE: According to Davis’s lawyers, she will continue to refuse to “allow” clerks in her office to comply with the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, which means she could find her ass back in jail in the near future.