Justin Bieber Is Still “Healing” After Selena Breakup, Has Terrible Hair

Justin Bieber explained why he’s not in a relationship right now, and this is actually shocking, but it has nothing to do with his new haircut. What is on his head? Is that even technically a haircut, inasmuch as haircuts are generally, like, intentionally styled? I mean, maybe he did cut his hair. Like, maybe he did it himself, in the midst of not-being-in-a-relationship angst, or in the middle of a Britney-head-shaving-type emotional crisis.

Anyway, Bieber told Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. that he’s “a relationship type of guy” who loves cuddling, but added, “I got my heart broken. I’m just trying to let that heal up.” M’awww, Justin. There’s always Martha Stewart!


Also, there’s always cutting your hair and shaving your face. Because really.


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