Here, Watch Katy Perry Fall Off A Segway At Burning Man

Sentient cupcake Katy Perry strapped on a fake fur coat, some steampunk goggles and a bunch of ripped fishnets, and took herself down to Burning Man to see what all the fuss was about. Wandering around the pirate ships made of mosquito netting and PVC pipes lashed together with twine, our young heroine found a Segway, which promised to transport her faster than her own two feet, in style, in elegance, in grace.

“It’s as if you’re flying,” promised the Segway vendor, a wizened man draped in tattered textiles, and no pants. “It will be what you need to become one with the playa.

Emboldened by his urgings, our heroine stepped up on her new ride and took to the swirling desert sands:

🔥🚨obvious first time burner alert🚨🔥

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The trusty steed, displeased with its new master, bucked its conqueror to the ground. A wild Segway can’t be tamed. [Billboard]