Canadian Conservative Candidate Caught Peeing In A Coffee Cup, Cancels Campaign

Jerry Bance, a Toronto-area appliance salesman and Canadian Conservative Party Candidate running in the Scarborough–Rouge Park riding, has canceled his campaign after footage surfaced of him peeing into a customer’s coffee cup while on a service call.

The footage was part of a 2012 hidden camera investigation on the CBC show Marketplace, which was part of a story on home repair companies. It showed Bance peeing into the customer’s coffee mug and then dumping it out in the sink and rinsing the cup while the customer was in another room. Charming! Also, terrifying! Deeply, deeply terrifying.

Bance has since responded to the footage by saying “I deeply regret my actions on that day. I take great pride in my work and the footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person.”

Really? Because I am pretty sure that unless you are the kind of person who would pee in someone’s coffee cup, you probably wouldn’t pee in someone’s coffee cup. Thus, the footage reflects exactly who Bance is as a professional and a person. Duh.

A spokesperson for the CCP said on Monday that Bance is no longer a candidate for their party. I bet he’s, heh, pissed.

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