Frisky Twitter Follow Favorites: @NYTVows Parodies ‘New York Times’ Wedding Vows Section Perfectly

It’s the weekend baby! That means it’s time to put down the serious newspaper and instead read something far more hilarious and entertaining.

This week we are bringing you an hilarious Twitter account to follow: NYTimes Vows @NYTvows which parodies The New York Times Wedding Vows Section in its Style Section every Sunday. It is the brainchild of Selena Coppock, comedian and author of The New Rules for Blondes and best Bachelor/Bachelorette re-capper in the land.

There is little I love more than hate-reading the snobby as hell New York Times, and The Frisky is not one to shy down from shit-talking them. But the wedding vows section is next level, y’all.

Behold this perfect Twitter account, allowing you to blissfully hate all the weddings you had to go to this summer and the entirety of the wedding industrial complex.

For a century, the majority of the wedding announcements in the Times have featured white, rich, boring couples who brag about their degrees, privileged upbringing and high parental pedigree. The details of their weddings make the rest of us feel like impoverished losers…

Can you guess which is real and which is the Twitter parody account:

“Jennifer Beck did not know the man she would eventually fall for, but she knew precisely what sort of engagement ring she wanted, and no other ring would do.”

It’s this travesty which also decides to go into detail regarding the endless glassware. We care because??

This is more like it:

Let’s not even get into the Times’s cringeworthy problems with diversity in their Vows section, and just leave you with these:

Below however, is my personal favorite, summing-up in only six words, the entirety of the Vows section and my hatred of its eerie WASPY obsession with pretentious traditionalism:

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Happy follow and have a great weekend!