Mother Sues Amazon And UPenn Over Daughter’s Suicide

Sujata Singh has filed a lawsuit against Amazon and the University of Pennsylvania, two years after the suicide of her 20-year-old daughter, Arya Singh.

Sujata Singh is suing Amazon for negligence and failing to prevent a Thai company from selling cyanide to her daughter. Arya was able to purchase cyanide pills with no problem at all from Amazon, the gargantuan retailer when she committed suicide in 2013.

Sujata is also suing The University of Pennsylvania in their part for ignoring her daughter’s reports of sexual assault.

The cause of Arya’s suicide was in part due to her sexual assault at Upenn. After reporting the assault, school administrators and professors ignored Arya and did nothing. She gradually declined in mental health, her grades slipped and she used alcohol as a way to cope.

Her suicide is a tragedy and a clear example of the failure school administrations in the face of sexual abuse on campus.

Both Amazon and The University of Pennsylvania have declined any comment regarding the case.

We are all rooting for Sujata and justice for Arya.

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