There Goes My Money: A Millennium Falcon Drone Exists

I have never, ever in the last several years thought to myself, “You know, I’d really like to own a drone.” I’m not sure what I could possibly use a drone for, after all. My profession requires that I sit at a desk for most of my day and write, and my hobbies aren’t much different than that. What task could I possibly set for a drone? Pretty much nil, basically.

Until today, that is. Now I desperately want a drone, because a Millennium Falcon drone exists. To get a sense of how easy it is to sell me on something, I have a set of Yoda and Millennium Falcon pancake molds that I have never used but that I will also never, ever, ever get rid of. It’s like I’m capable of holding off on purchasing ridiculous and unnecessary consumer goods right up until the point that Han Solo gets involved.

Now I have to scrape up $109 for this thing – which is still better than $4000 for a bed.


[Toys ‘R’ Us]
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