The Petition To Investigate Murders Of Trans Women Of Color Is Approaching Its Deadline

On August 10, Houston activist Fran Watson created a petition via the White House’s We the People system to ask the White House to launch a formal investigation into what at the time were the murders of 13 trans women, mostly trans women of color. Today, the number of trans women murdered stands at 18 – five more have been killed in the last month alone.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures to get a response from the White House. Activists were hopeful that it would gain those 100,000 signatures, but as of today, the petition has less than 6,000, and the deadline is September 9.

Monica Roberts at Transgriot wrote about her disappointment over the petition today:

“I saw this as an easy way to show support for the trans communities of color in the wake of us having a murderous month of July, and I remembered how fast the Leelah Alcorn one hit its target in mere days.   

We are now six days from the September 10 deadline to get those signatures, and we’re not even over 10,000 signatures yet.  

Guess not all trans lives matter as much.”

Roberts is referring to the fact that of those 18 murders, 16 were women of color. Leelah Alcorn, on the other hand, was a white teenager whose suicide engendered widespread sympathy. In the past month especially, trans activists have been taking up the mantra that “Black Trans Lives Matter,” pointing out that black trans individuals are seen as expendable more often than white trans individuals.

If the petition can get even 10,000 signatures in the next 5 days, it would be an important last-minute show of support to the community of trans people of color. Be sure to sign it here.

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