Men Can’t Endorse Maxi Pads In China Anymore

China has introduced new rules for advertisers to protect consumers, one of which is that celebrities have to use the products they endorse, and specifically, male celebrities cannot endorse feminine hygiene products. This comes after Taiwanese singer Jiro Wang slapped his mug on advertisements and packaging for Freemore maxi pads, as seen above.

But who says that Jiro Wang isn’t using maxi pads? A quick Google search reveals that there are many different ways to use the most uncomfortably absorbent products known to the average consumer, like:

  • Adding cushioning to your feet
  • Creating a makeshift diaper
  • Macguyvering a bandaid for a particularly bad wound
  • Using them as a literal rag
  • Making an alternative Swiffer duster (wet or dry!)
  • Padding for packing glassware
  • Alternative weatherstripping for your windows and doors
  • Making a filter for homemade cigarettes
  • Fashioning a sleep mask

See? Maxi pads aren’t just for menstruation, people. Perhaps it shouldn’t be an issue of who endorses a product, but what they endorse that product for. Who knows – Jiro Wang could be mopping his floor with a maxi pad at this very moment.


Image via Weibo

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