Kevin Spacey’s Bro Will Dress Up Like Rod Stewart And Chauffeur You Around Boise

If you were to have asked me what I would most like to do on a vacation an hour ago, I would have said, without thinking twice, “I would like to go to Branson, Missouri, so that I may attend ‘Greg Brady Brunch,’ where Barry Williams will serenade me as I sip mimosas, duh.” It’s been my dream for quite some time now. But move over, Johnny Bravo! I’ve got a new vacation goal!

I wanna go to Boise! Yes! Boise! Not because I am especially fond of potatoes, or anything, but because Kevin Spacey’s big brother Randy Fowler lives there, and he is apparently a Rod Stewart impersonator who will drive you around in a limo while dressed as Rod Stewart.

BEHOLD, your choice of Rod Stewart outfits.

rod stewart impersonator

BEHOLD! This amazing commercial featuring young children who probably don’t even know who Rod Stewart is being chauffeured around town by Boise’s #1 Rod Stewart impersonator!


I want to do this so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more in my life, other than a complete set of mint condition Welcome Back, Kotter dolls and also a framed picture of Charles J. Guiteau’s phrenological chart (can’t buy it myself because I am waiting for my soulmate to do that). I don’t know which of the 92 Rod Stewart outfits I’d pick, but right now I am leaning towards that snazzy purple one. I mean, sure, I am partial to The Faces-era Rod Stewart, but if I’m gonna shell out for a limo, I’m gonna want some flash.

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