Brazilian Mayor Runs Town Remotely From WhatsApp, Gets In Deep Trouble

This past week, 25-year-old Brazilian mayor Lidiane Leite of Bom Jardim, was caught attempting to remotely fulfill her mayoral responsibilities by using WhatsApp.

Apparently, the young mayor has been making regular trips to Sao Luis (the state capital), where she largely neglects her job as mayor, sending instructive messages to her cabinet from WhatsApp and posting Instagram photos that boast of her luxurious lifestyle.

This is in ways not a complete surprise, as Leite’s original entry into the mayoral race was spurred by her former boyfriend, Ex Rocha, being banned from running. Rocha was banned for alleged corruption and is now in jail.

Leite has been accused of siphoning off school funds, and has now made her social media accounts private so she can better hide from authorities, who call her the most wanted woman in the Brazilian state of Maranhao.

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