Ridiculously Overgrown Sheep Requires Professional Shearer

An adorable and incredibly overgrown sheep was found wandering Canberra, Australia, sporting a mangy laidback vibe that would make Tom Hanks circa “Castaway” look like Ryan Seacrest.

Upon finding its marshmallow glory, animal welfare workers immediately realized they were underqualified to tame his massive wool-growth, and were forced to call in a champion shearer (yes, that is totally a position that exists).

Because there is no regular protocol for finding a humongous unshorn sheep, affectionately named Shaun, animal welfare workers got savvy and took to Twitter with their concerns, tweeting at the Royal Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in hopes that a shearer would respond.

To everyone’s luck, Ian Elkins, four-time winner of the Australian Shearing Contest, immediately came to the rescue. Elkins said that with normal conditions he can shear up to 100 alpacas a day, but our especially woolly friend Shaun would count as his own tiny flock, and require extra safety precautions in lieu of possible infection.

Although an endearingly rare sight, this overgrown cutie certainly isn’t the first sheep spotted in this condition – his kin Shrek, a New Zealand sheep, successfully escaped shearing for six years.

I wonder if they both gaze at their old hairstyles the same way I look back on ill-advised high school haircuts with wistful regret. Either way, Shaun is healthy now and doesn’t look half baaaad (sorry)!

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