PornHub Is Offering A $25K College Scholarship

Aww, PornHub really does care! The gigantic pornography web site is offering a $25,000 college scholarship for applicants who are over 18, have at least a 3.2 GPA, are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate college with any major, and don’t have personal qualms about accepting money from a pornography web site.

Applicants have to submit a video or essay responding to the question, “How do you strive to make others happy?” According to the contest page, PornHub’s mission is to make people happy, and they’d like to give the scholarship money to someone who shares that mission. Corey Price, vice president of PornHub, noted to the Washington Post that video applicants do not have to be nude (although it’s not necessarily discouraged), and that pornographic entries will not be seriously considered. They’d like the entrants, obviously, to be generally sex-positive and at least porn-neutral. PornHub staffers will judge the entries to pick the best essay.

Dawn Hawkins of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is speaking out against the contest, but her opposition is based on either bad information or an intent to mislead – she’s said of the scholarship that “It’s really unfortunate we’re forcing our kids to sell their bodies to get an education,” but again, the contest has nothing to with making pornography.

The contest ends October 31, and if you happen to care passionately about making others happy and be in college and in need of $25k (who isn’t, really), you can apply through the contest web site.

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