Mom Of Kids At Baby Fight Club Is Unamused

New Jersey mom Eliana Rantz had a rud awakening this week when she heard that Lightbridge Academy, the place she had entrusted her three-year-old son Izzy, and her 19-month-old son Uri, was under investigation for hosting what two staffers referred to as “Baby Fight Club.”

The two former employees at fault, 22-year-old Erica Kenny, and 28-year-old Chanese White, allegedly forced little kids to fight each other outside of the Brown Bear and Khaki Kangaroo classrooms, and gleefully sent Snapchats of the ordeal to their friends. Both women are now facing charges of fourth-degree child abuse.

“It’s just quite shocking,” said Rantz, who checked out five separate daycare facilities before settling on Lightbridge. “I’m not staying home with the kiddos and working part-time. You can’t trust anybody.”

According to other Lightbridge employees, this wasn’t the first instance of inappropriate behavior from Kenny – a colleague who remains anonymous said Kenny was always incredibly negative towards the children and would sometimes urge them to hit each other if one was misbehaving (hellooo, WHAT).

This came as particular shock to Rantz, who said of Izzy, “He’s quite verbal. I imagine if he saw anything he would come and tell me.”

When reached for comment, school officials and the accused employees refused contact.

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