Key And Peele Nail Their Neil DeGrasse Tyson Parody

Key and Peele revealed to us last night why it is that someone would go through all the hard work of becoming an astrophysicist: To baffle your partner during domestic arguments. Duh.

Jordan Peele performed an absolutely spot-on parody of Neil deGrasse Tyson for a three-part running joke in last night’s episode about the “Cosmos” host expounding upon ideas like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to explain why he wasn’t culpable for the dog (named Sputnik, obvs) peeing on the curtains. It’s a thing of beauty.

Over at io9, they GIF’ed the segments for the public’s amusement:


And remember, next week’s “Key & Peele,” on September 10, is going to be the last ever. Mark your calendars!


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