Indonesian State Will Force Late-Night Daters To Marry

The Purwakarta district of Indonesia has set a creative ban on dating after 9:00 p.m. – anyone caught on a date late at night will be forced by the state to marry each other.

The district covers 200 villages, and representatives from all 200 villages unanimously voted to pass legislation in favor of the ban. Now, if any village doesn’t comply, the district will suspend financial aid to that village. The explicit hope, here, is to make sure that no one is having pre-marital intercourse in the Purwakarta district.

I could get all uppity about freedom and stuff, and while it does look ridiculous from my vantage point in Chicago, their representatives did vote this in. And to be honest, my first thought wasn’t, “What an outrage!” so much as, “Oh god, what if I was forced to marry the first person I was out past 9 with?” I just searched him on Facebook and found out that he has shoulder-length hair, moved to Austin, Texas, and has been making his money making music. Good for him! I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to marry him, though. (No offense, Matt.)

Let’s just hope that the radical factions of Christian right doesn’t get wind of this, huh? We don’t need them getting any bright ideas.

[Daily Pakistan]

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