Enterprising UT Student Drives Barbie Jeep Around Campus After DWI

Tara Monroe, a college junior studying industrial engineering, got her license suspended automatically after refusing a Breathalyzer test on her way back from a Waka Flocka concert. Stripped of her sweet ride and left with just a bike to get around campus at the University of Texas in Austin, she did what any enterprising young lady would do — she found a used children’s Barbie jeep on Craigslist, bought it for $60 and hit the road.

Why not just suck it up and deal with the bike until her license was back in order? According to MySA.com, Monroe said, “Riding a bike around campus sucks … Like really sucks.”

Monroe named the jeep Charlene, after the little girl she bought it from. It goes about 5 mph, is battery-powered and seems to be just as efficient as a bicycle. What does it look like when a 20-year-old woman crams her body into a plastic car meant for a five-year-old? I’m glad you asked!

Ah, the ingenuity of youth. May you never get your license back, Miss Monroe. The Barbie jeep suits you.