Donald Trump “Hopes To Run Against” Kanye In 2020

When Rolling Stone asked Donald Trump about Kanye West’s apparent campaign for presidency in 2020, Trump said, “I hope to run against him someday.”

Well, that, as well as claiming that Kanye has said “very nice things” about Trump in the past, because the man can’t help but compliment himself every time he opens his mouth, even if it’s a compliment by proxy. He also mentioned that Ye and his daughter Ivanka know each other.

It’s shaping up to look like people are actually taking Kanye’s VMA announcement seriously, what with a current presidential candidate speaking pretty thoughtfully about the issue and a supporter already having set up a super PAC for Kanye. Is this really going to happen? Like, really-really?

Now I’m starting to ponder Kanye’s qualifications: He’ll be 43 in 2020, so well past the 35-year age requirement; he’s a natural-born citizen; he’ll presumably have lived in the United States for 14 years prior to his candidacy. He’s a college dropout, but a full quarter of American presidents – 11 of 44 – didn’t have a college degree. Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Van Buren, and Truman didn’t have college degrees. And, in fact, Wisconsin governor and current presidential contender Scott Walker doesn’t have a college degree, either.

As far as political experience, Kanye would be singular as a president coming from a career in music. Most presidents have had legal, political, or military backgrounds, which is not to say that it’s a prerequisite – Harding was a newspaper publisher, George W. Bush was a business executive, and, of course, Ronald Reagan was an actor. Kanye has dabbled in business, but I recall that his Fatburger restaurant chain flopped spectacularly; he’s also done some philanthropic work, so there’s that.

Well, this is harder than I ever thought I’d think about Kanye West becoming an actual presidential candidate. I think that, now that Donald Trump is not just running but polling so well, the bar for running for president has been set at “anyone with opinions who isn’t shy about sharing them,” and god knows Kanye fits the bill. And honestly? I’d rather have Yeezus running than Trump. I guess we’ll see how Kanye feels about it in four years.

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