“Maria” From “Sesame Street” Released A Memoir

After 44 years of playing “Maria” and writing for the show, Sonia Manzano announced last July she was retiring from”Sesame Street” in order to focus on personal writing and release her memoir, Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South Bronx.

Released in August, the memoir details her journey of becoming the writer and actress we know and love, starting with a childhood that combined moments of sweet curiosity with an abusive and unstable family life. Although many people would limit her work to the character of “Maria,” Manzano won 15 Emmys as a writer for “Sesame Street,” and has already published a novel as well as two children’s books. She has a third children’s book, Miracle on 133rd Street, that is slated for release September 22nd.

Manzano said she’s always been a fan of the memoir format, and started drafting hers as far back as 1995. “I’ve been working on this so long my parents have since passed,” she jokingly admitted.

Besides my biased curiosity in her life story, because MARIA EQUALS CHILDHOOD MEMORIES, Manzano’s life really is rich with story, from her childhood growing up in the Bronx, to her first acting gig at Carnegie Mellon (Godspell!), to her writing career and influential role at “Sesame Street,” she is a woman full of wisdom, humor and anecdotes.

So go ahead, pick up a fresh copy and go behind the scenes with a childhood friend!

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