Magical Cat Takes Bullet To Head, Saves Toddler

This cat named Opie is magical, and he’s better than every single one of us, because he saved a toddler’s life by taking a bullet to his head. And he survived!

Opie’s cat-mom, Angelica Sipe, says that her son was sleeping and her cat was being magical when a gunman fired through a window of their York, Pennsylvania home. Opie intercepted the bullet and it went through his head and out the bottom of his neck, essentially ricocheting through the cat. Had Opie not been around, thetoddler would have been in the gunman’s line of fire.

And Opie’s fine! He has some pretty painful injuries, obviously, but he’s recovering well and will be A-OK. Insert “cats have nine lives” joke here, right?

So what have you done for a toddler lately? Because I bet this tiny cat can top you. Three cheers for Opie!


Video via Fox43
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