Josh Duggar Missing From Rehab, Probably Out Having Sexcapades In Arkansas

Oh! Hey! Remember how Josh Duggar was supposed to be at that Reformers Unanimous rehab facility in Springfield, Illinois? Well, that’s kind of weird, because no one has seen him there.

Although RU residents are supposed to show up for local chapter meetings at North Love Baptist Church, eyewitnesses who saw the van pull up outside of the church say that Duggar was not in attendance on Friday.

On Sunday, when all the residents are supposed to go to the church for services in both the morning and evening, being that this is their primary source of treatment, Duggar was absent as well.

He has, thus far, not actually been seen by anyone in Springfield.

Although Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle did not explicitly name RU as the facility where he would be receiving treatment, there has been a great deal of evidence suggesting that this would be where he was headed. Shane Nicholson of the Rock River Times reportedly confirmed to Gawker that he was staying there, there were records of the Duggar’s private plane* flying into the Rockford airport in the middle of the night, and the Duggars have also supported the facility in the past. Logical choice! But Josh Duggar is nowhere to be seen!

There is a possibility that he is back in Arkansas, as the flight records show the family arriving in Paragould, Arkansas for a hot minute before returning to Springdale. He might even be at a “treatment facility” there for all we know.

Or, more likely, he just ran the hell away. Maybe he is having sexcapades in Arkansas. Perhaps he is at Burning Man right now “finding himself” or something. Or he’s just hiding. Who knows? It is a mystery.

In other Duggar news, it looks like Jessa Seewald has officially turned her back on her brother. She hasn’t said anything in particular herself, but she did share her husband’s father’s blog post calling Josh a hypocrite on her Facebook page.


*WTF? They have a private plane? Give me a minute here on this one, ok? Haven’t they been crying about how it’s not fair that they don’t have a teevee show anymore because however will they support their ginormous family without one? Sell your private plane, assholes.