Hey, Do You Want To Fake A Pregnancy, Because There’s A Website For That

If you have a particularly twisted sense of humor or you enjoy the long con of a well-executed April Fools’ Day joke that extends its reach well beyond the first day of the fourth month of the year, welcome to your new obsession — FakeABaby.com, a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to convince someone that you’re pregnant when you’re actually really not.

The Washington Post reported on a story about a Michigan teen who faked being pregnant with triplets, using things like fake sonograms and pregnancy bellies purchased from the site. When 10 months had elapsed and no triplets had been produced, the jig was very clearly up. It turns out that she had been supplementing her lie with a bevy of products readily available from the website, for every stage of your (fake) pregnancy.

Here’s a terrifying, hyper-realistic fake ultrasound, for $19.95:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.59.39 AM

You can add a father’s name, a doctor’s name, and all of the other pertinent info you’d need to convince your grandma that she’ll see a great-grandchild in her lifetime.

If you’ve been keeping up this ploy for months and months and are finally seeing someone in person, strap on this pregnancy belly and continue the charade:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.10.07 PM

I suppose this is a fun trick to play on someone, like a particularly heinous ex, but something about that entire concept feels deeply, deeply wrong. Whatever! It’s your life! If you want to pour some money into a site that lets you fool folks into thinking that you’re pregnant, then please be my guest.

[h/t Jezebel]