Genius Invents Nutella Lock

A genius German man named Daniel Schobloch has created maybe the greatest invention of the 21st century: A lock for your Nutella jars.

The lock is made of acrylic and it surrounds the jar on three sides and the top. It slides over the top of the jar, using the jar’s ridges for leverage; then, on the open end of the lock, there’s a space to hang a padlock. With the padlock on, the lid cannot be reached to be unscrewed, and the padlock prevents the acrylic box from being slid off of the jar.

Schobloch works for a furniture and fittings company, so it’s no surprise he came up with the lock, which is an elegant solution to an ages-old problem. Schobloch says he invented the lock for a friend whose children were constantly stealing his delicious, delicious Nutella. Serves you right, kids.

Schobloch originally created a run of 1000 of these locks and sold them on eBay, but they sold out quickly. Now you can find enterprising people reselling the locks, because it’s just that good of an idea. The call for Nutella locks has clearly been sounding, and Daniel Schobloch is obviously just answering that call.

[Marie Claire]

[Image via eBay]

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