Dream Man Rescues Ribs From Apartment Fire

Do you believe in modern heroes? Do you believe in true living, breathing princes? Have you considered the infinite possibilities of beauty that lie within each human being? If you didn’t already, you will after hearing about Californian man Robert Wright!

See, Mr. Wright was in the middle of a 3 a.m. barbecue (RESPECT) this morning when his neighbor’s apartment quickly set fire, rapidly spreading to his apartment. He quickly woke up his wife and kid and ushered them to safety, and in an act of true beauty refused to abandon his ribs, valiantly bringing them to safety where he could snack!

This is a man with priorities I can get behind! Importantly, he took care of his wife and kid, which proves he’s loyal and loving and knows how to take care of real shit. But MOST importantly, he was a man with food on the mind, who was going to have that middle of the night BBQ, dammit! Family-centered and a man committed to finishing what he started? I’m swooning, no lies.

I am so glad this family got out safely, but mostly I’m happy those ribs got out safe!