Dan Savage Rips Into Homophobic KY Clerk: She’s “Waiting To Cash In”

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, you might have heard, is refusing to perform her job and issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Davis claims she’s doing this under God’s authority, which is strange, because she’s employed by the state.

Advice columnist, activist, and occasional pundit Dan Savage broke down all of the reasons Davis is in the wrong with Alex Wagner on MSNBC last night. He claims Davis is a hypocrite – she says she’s just acting within scripture, but she’s been married four times and had children out of wedlock – and that what she’s really looking to do is get fired, have a GoFundMe started in her name, have a book ghostwritten for her, do the talk show circuit, and “never have to do an honest day’s work ever again in her life.” Which I’d call cynical, if it hadn’t happened so many times in the past.

Davis is now being represented by lawyers from the Liberty Counsel, who point out that Davis’s marital history shouldn’t (technically, I guess) be relevant because she only converted to Christianity four years ago, after her three divorces took place. Which is fine, but it doesn’t address the fact that she works for the state, not for her church, and so her religious beliefs really aren’t relevant either.


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