ModCloth Will Have A Bridal Line, Because God Knows Weddings Need To Be More Twee

Online Manic Pixie Dream Girl clothing boutique turned actual, brick-and-mortar store ModCloth is making plans to expand to future brick-and-mortar locations, to get into athletic wear, and to design a bridal line, which, ugh.

I want to make fun of this, because I am 11 days from my wedding, and deciding what to wear was one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the process – not because my outfit wound up being expensive, but because the internet is full of unhelpful wedding resources for people who are unconventional. ModCloth sells itself as sort of boho/hipster unconventional, but let me guess: The wedding line will be full of boho/hipster-type, very trendy white, off-white, and pink dresses. Suits, short suits, multi-part outfits, gender-neutral wear, color options that buck the Virginal Snow Angel Fairy Princess trope? Probably not.

And so ModCloth will become one more web site forcing women and women-identifying people to buy into the idea that there is only One True Way To Have A Wedding, replete with punny dress names like “Aisle Be There.” I hope I’m wrong! But I’m probably not wrong.


[Image via ModCloth]

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