Man Sends Dick Pics To HR Manager, Company Rescinds Job Offer

If you think you’ve ever made a mistake during an interview, prepare to be humbled and reassured. A man in St. Charles, Illinois was offered a job, and after he was offered the job, he texted the HR manager dick pics. The Tribune is calling them “nude selfies,” but who wants to bet that there was a remote in the frame for size reference?

The guy then called the next day to follow up on the offer, and that’s when the company realized who the disembodied dick belonged to. They called the police, who contacted the man, and he told them it was a mistake – the pictures were just sent to the wrong person. He has been advised to stop contacting the company, and the HR manager in particular.

The company didn’t pursue charges against the man, but they’re obviously not offering him the job anymore, either. If there are lessons to be learned here, to my mind, it’s 1) that we still need to use land lines for business purposes, and 2) guys, just quit it with the dick pics already.

[Chicago Tribune]

[Image via Shutterstock]

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