Kentucky Clerk Defies SCOTUS, Continues To Refuse To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Kentucky County Clerk/Malignant Bridge Guardian Kim Davis is still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, despite the fact that SCOTUS totally denied her “emergency application” to be allowed to refuse them due to her religious beliefs.

Davis, who loves traditional heterosexual marriage so much that she has been heterosexually married four times, denied licenses to two gay couples who came to her office this morning, and claimed she was doing so under “authority from god.” Which I guess makes her like, Joan of Arc in a Dress Barn jumper or something.

Although it’s difficult to fire Davis as she is an elected official, with her SCOTUS application being denied, it will probably happen sooner than later. Not because a bigot shouldn’t be allowed to have a job, but because if being a bigot is going to interfere with one doing their job, then said bigot is no longer qualified to do that job. That’s how jobs work. You do them whether or not you feel like doing them, and if you can’t, then you don’t have that job anymore. Simple as that!

Lots of jobs interfere with people’s religious beliefs. A Jehovah’s Witness is probably not gonna sign up to be a children’s birthday party clown, and a Christian Scientist is probably not going to be a doctor, an Amish person isn’t going to be an electrician and a Scientologist is probably not going to be a psychologist. As an atheist–as often as I have considered it–I’m not about to go join a cloistered convent.

Clearly, Davis’ religious beliefs prevent her from performing the duties required of a county clerk, so perhaps instead of being a giant asshole, she could just go get another damn job. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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