Here’s Denise, The Pig That Kermit’s Shacking Up With Now That Piggy’s Out

Kermit The Frog has taken up with a newer, younger model — the auburn-haired, wrap-dress-loving Denise. According to an exclusive at, Denise is the head of marketing at ABC — the very same network that’s producing the Muppets’ cinema vérité return to television, “The Muppets,” which documents the behind-the-scenes production of Miss Piggy’s forthcoming late night debut, “Up Late With Miss Piggy.”

As of this writing, neither frog nor pig has confirmed their status, though sources close to Denise claim that the frog calls her his “girlfriend.” Scandalous! Revealing! Riveting! Shocking! Miss Piggy, for what it’s worth, is not paying too much attention to this and has instead wrapped her porcine legs around the firm, taut waist of Liam Hemsworth. Not a bad place to be, tbh.

Could wedding bells be in the future? Kermit would be wise to keep this relationship low and slow. We’re cautiously excited for his new and hopefully healthy relationship, and we’ll let you chew this one over with the following insight from Miss Info.  Congrats to the happy couple!