Lena Dunham Writes Short Stories Now

Lena Dunham, modern Bard and chronicler of these heady times, is now a short story author. Lenny Letter, the newsletter that she’s starting with a bunch of smart and talented ladies, released a brief summer fiction issue today, and behold! Here it is! A short story! It’s called Six Sausages, and it is not about kielbasa let loose in the big city, sadly. It is the sad tale of an unnamed girl — let’s call her Pena Schunham — and her sort of boyfriend (who sounds like an insufferable turd) on a visit to New York.

The story is fine. It’s passable. It’s fiction! Or is it? I don’t know, here’s an excerpt, decide for yourself:

He always got sad around dusk and there wasn’t any cure for it so they lay quietly on their backs on her parents’ bed, the AC blasting, and she tried to distract him as the sun went down, blowing raspberries on his still-grumbling lower stomach. Around eight they walked a few blocks north for Mexican food and he bounced back, laughing at all her jokes. She exclaimed, “You’re so funny!” when what she really meant was “I’m so funny!”

That night she had him lie down on a bathmat while she gave him what Cosmopolitan would call a “lavish” hand job using all her mother’s fanciest bath products. He didn’t finish, as was often the case, and they put on bathrobes and crawled back onto the bed, greasy and spent. “This place is like a hotel,” he said and she realized her home had always felt that to her in some ways, too.

Here, go read the rest of it. Report back and let the rest of us know whether it’s worth finishing. [Lenny Letter]