“He Named Me Malala” Looks Just As Wonderful As Expected

Malala Yousafzai is one of the few strangers with the ability to consistently make me cry. It could be an interview where she calls Obama out about drones, or a quote from her about equal-opportunity education for girls, or even just the passing reflection of her face from a bus or billboard or ghost in the wind – all of it will make me cry.

So it’s no surprise that the trailer for her upcoming documentary, “Call Me Malala,” brought me to tears as well. With its release date slated for October 2nd, Malala’s documentary aims to show not only the journey that lead to her position as a champion of equality, but to show her as a regular girl who engages in teen activities like navigating Twitter and getting shit-talked by her baby brother.

I highly suggest you watch the trailer, fall in love again, and go see her full story next month! [Indiewire]