Watch: Disturbing Video Of Sarah Palin Adoring Donald Trump

Former VP candidate Sarah Palin is clearly head-over-heels for presidential candidate Donald Trump. I guess “mavericks” should stick together.

But one look at the video and it’s clear that they are both really boring mavericks. Yawn.

One of the funniest moments however, is when Palin asks him about the “idiots in the press” and Trump talks about their Bible questioning:

“I love the Bible and I’m a Protestant, Presbyterian, and they were hitting me with different questions one after another, and look, I don’t know if it’s ‘Gotcha!’ but it probably is, and then they said ‘What’s your favorite verse,’ and that’s a personal thing. I don’t like giving that out to people you hardly know”

Personal being, “I have no fucking clue.”

It’s clear they are both totes in love with each other, and certainly if I lived in a capitalist Ayn Rand dystopian carnival town, I’d love for these two to be my leaders.

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