Who “Slipped” Lindsay Lohan A “Mickey” At This Wedding, Do You Think?

Lindsay Lohan was at the wedding between model Lana Zakocela and Justin Etzin, consul general and ambassador of tourism for the Seychelles,when someone definitely-maybe “slipped her a mickey.” For the duration of the wedding she was, as the kids say, doing the most.

According to the all-seeing eye of Page Six, Lohan spent a fair amount of time naked and running around the villa in Florence where the wedding was held, claiming that she was drugged. She also spent the better part of the ceremony “painting her nails and checking her phone” according to their source. When it was dance party time, Lohan assumed a British accent and yelled,  “Who took the photo? Don’t be an idiot!” to a nice person who was probably just trying to take a picture of the woman sitting next to her. In the only move that feels like appropriate wedding behavior, she requested “The Boy Is Mine” numerous times, which in all honesty is something that every single person here is guilty of, so she gets a pass for that one.

Was she drugged? Who did it? Was it A of “Pretty Little Liars”? Was it Tuxedo Mask? Was it the Phantom of the Opera? Was it Barney the dinosaur? Was it the potted plant in the corner that is actually a person wearing a potted plant costume?

Surely a woman who has had a widely-documented and generally acknowledged drug problem wouldn’t actually be on something of her own volition. Lindsay, we feel many things about this situation, but we think Tyra sums it up best. Heed her words. [Page Six]