The Jolie-Pitts Are House-Hunting In London So Angelina Can Pursue Her Political Career

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are house-hunting in London so that Ange can continue to pursue her career in politics. You know what I just realized? Angelina Jolie is the female equivalent of George Clooney, except with more actual political experience.

She’s been working with the United Nations for 14 years with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Last year, Ange (that’s what I call her) co-chaired a summit in London, with MP William Hague, called “End Sexual Violence in Conflict” on the use of rape as a weapon of war – which, apparently, is precisely the kind of work she’s hoping to continue doing. Us Weekly reported that she wants to “slowly immerse herself in E.U. politics.”

Which, frankly, seems like a better long-term strategy than even trying to immerse oneself in American politics, these days. Good thinking, Ange, good thinking.

[Marie Claire]

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