Subway Franchisee Says Jared Fogle Bragged About Raping 9-Year-Olds In Thailand

A former Subway franchisee has come forward to say that she had previously alerted the company to Jared Fogle’s, uh, preferences, and was pretty much ignored. By the CEO! Who literally told her that he’d heard these things before and didn’t want to know any more about it! Huh!

Cindy Mills told Business Insider that Jared said a number of disturbing things to her — from suggesting she sell herself for sex on Craigslist and let him watch (detailed in text messages subpoenaed by the FBI), and that he bragged about having sexual “trysts” with raping child prostitutes from ages 9-16 in Thailand.

Mills says she alerted then CEO Jeff Moody about his messed up comments and confessions, and that he responded by saying, “Please don’t tell me any more.” Moody indicated that he had heard several complaints about this before, and then said, for real, “Don’t worry, he has met someone. She is a teacher and he seems to love her very much, and we think she will help keep him grounded.”

Right. That seems like a thing that happens with pedophiles all the time. They just need to be grounded.

Subway says that since Moody is no longer CEO, they don’t really know what he knew/didn’t know, and that they are currently investigating how much Subway executives knew about his little “problem.”

The thing I can’t get past though is how brazen this dude was! Jesus! Just going around telling everyone and their mother about how much he loved raping children? So casually? And it takes this long for him to get caught? What in the hell? How does that happen?

Ugh. Seriously, Subway? And everyone else? If someone tells you they like raping nine-year-olds then maybe you should both fire them and alert the police immediately. It’s a good life rule to have.

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