#JunkOff Shows The Wide And Wonderful World Of Animal Genitalia In Its Full Glory

Genitals are inherently humorous. This is a fact of life that you learn as a small child, giggling at the hopelessly wiggly weiner of your preschool boyfriend when you play doctor in the sandbox. This lesson stays with you the older you get. A weird meat tube that hangs off a man’s front half with a mind of its own will never not be funny.

Biologists and scientists around the world recognize this fact. That’s why they’ve been sharing pictures of animal dongs on Twitter. At the risk of sounding like terrible clickbait, the results are actually incredible.


Did you know that alligator dongs look like a cross between the thing in Alien and a blind mole rat? Now you do.

Ducks have corkscrew peens and it is my favorite thing about them.

It’s the length of his body.


If you want more hot animal wangs, we have you covered x infinity.

[h/t Buzzfeed]