Gross, 42 Percent Of People Use Their (OK, Our) Phones In The Bathroom

A new study from Adobe says that 42 percent of people check their e-mail on their phones while they’re in the bathroom. Millennials are particularly pooductive, with a full 57 percent of us reporting bathroom e-mail use. It’s not surprising, but if you think about it — ew. I mean, yes, I do it, but ew.

The study has a few other interesting insights, like that 34 percent of people have created new e-mail addresses because they’ve gotten so swamped with spam that they couldn’t organize their inboxes anymore. [It me! – Amelia] Also, 40 percent of people have done a self-imposed e-mail “detox” program, not checking their e-mail for five days at a time. Yes, and you should also literally detox your phone if you use it while you poop, because seriously, it is definitely gross. (This is why I keep disinfecting wipes handy.)

So, basically, we’re sharing our most intimate and vulnerable physiological moments with our e-mail clients on our phones, and also, we hate e-mail. This doesn’t sound like a good relationship. Also, wash your phone, please, and your hands, because I can’t reiterate enough how gross this is.


[h/t Tech Crunch]

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