Did Demi Lovato “Flick” A Girl’s Vagina At A Meet-And-Greet?

Apparently that’s the rumor that’s been floating around, and Demi Lovato is denying it. But here’s what the girl in question says, according to The Mirror:

“[Lovato] was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G [meet and greet] and say hello she replies with ‘fat’ and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking ‘you saved my life’ I say ‘you’re the reason I’m alive today.’ She looks me dead in the eye and says ‘you’ll die soon enough fatty’ and then whispered ‘obesity.’

“I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said ‘are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now’ and she flicked my vagina.”

I mean, WHAT. [The Mirror]

I love this piece by Dodai Stewart at Fusion about being a black woman who loves Korean entertainment, specifically K-dramas on TV and K-pop music. Here, she does a great job explaining part of the appeal for her:

There’s a little bit of a burden in being a black woman who watches American TV shows. I’m always on black alert! If the cast isn’t diverse enough, I’m wondering where the black people are. If there’s a black character with a love interest, I get upset if the love interest is black (are you saying black people have to date their own?) and I get upset if the love interest is white (why is he dating a blonde, are you saying black women aren’t good enough?). If the black person does something wrong—steals or lies—I feel like it’s an indictment of the entire race; if she does something good—saves a life, launches a business—I start thinking about Magical Negro tropes. It’s exhausting. K-dramas disrupt this thinking, break me out of the binary, and set me free to just savor and revel in it.

But regardless of your race, K-dramas sound seriously entertaining and satisfying since the series have relatively short runs. [Fusion]

Oh look, Lucy Liu had a baby! Meet her son Rockwell. He’s a cutie. [People]

The five people who were riding in the Hummer that was struck by Caitlyn Jenner’s car in February are suing the estate for the driver of the Hummer, who was killed in the accident. In addition to suing Kim Howe’s estate for $18.5 million, they plan to sue Jenner as well, who the LA Sheriff’s Department recommended be charged with vehicular manslaughter. [TMZ]

I was initially pretty disgusted with yesterday New York Daily News cover, which showed three still images from the video Vester Lee Flanagan uploaded to social media showing his execution-style murder of journalist Alison Parker (as well as her cameraman, Adam Ward). But Sam Biddle at Gawker wrote a very well argued defense of why we should all look at these graphic, gruesome images:

If people see photos of Alison Parker being effortlessly slaughtered by a disgruntled former co-worker with an easily obtained firearm, maybe they will conclude that guns are devices of horror and easy death. If so, it will be worth the discomfort. It’s a nice fantasy, but you can’t pretend that discomfort is optional; feeling like shit is a necessary part of being alive.

Even if you disagree, I think it’s a smart piece to parse, but be forewarned that the Daily News cover is at the top of the page. [Gawker]

And lastly, I am apparently on the squirrel beat, because in addition to the squirrel who lives in the overhang next door (Chad), I spotted this fluffy tailed guy at the park down the street, living his best life and chowing down on a whole chicken wing for breakfast:

May your Friday be as successful and full of joy as this guy’s.