Josh Duggar’s Rehab Is Actually Just A Christian Labor Camp

As we mentioned yesterday, in light of the various revelations regarding Josh Duggar — that he had an Ashley Madison profile, that he was paying a porn star for rough sex that she deemed “creepy,” etc. etc. etc.– he has been sent to a “long term care facility.” Or, you know, REHAB (sing along now!).

However, this won’t be so much Betty Ford or wherever they send people on Intervention, but in fact a facility similar to the one he was sent to after he molested his sisters. Because that worked out so well!

Gawker reports that Duggar is at North Love Baptist Church-affiliated Reformers Unanimous recovery center, where Joshie boy will pay $7,500 to pray all day and work for free. Huh!

Unlike other “long-term care facilities,” however, Reformers Unanimous does not have any kind of medical professionals on site.

josh duggar rehab

More importantly, the program appears to even have a rule prohibiting anything resembling talking about the actual problems they are supposedly there to solve.

josh duggar rehab 3

Instead of getting counseling for his addiction to being a hypocritical asshat (which could be a thing, we are not experts), this is what he will be doing with his day:

josh duggar rehab 2

Yes! All of that will surely be helpful … somehow. Quite honestly though, I’m not really sure what kind of therapy would even make sense for Josh Duggar. Although it’s clear he needs SOMETHING, I’m not sure that any kind of therapy is going to be all that helpful until someone sends him to one of those cult deprogramming people.

How is prayer going to help him when that is literally what he has been doing for 27 years of his life? Basically, all that family does is pray, and then go out and be assholes. Perhaps they might want to try something else at some point. Just a suggestion!