Hey, Maybe Look Out For People Who Are Super, Super Polite, Because They’re Actually Mean

According to a recent study neatly parsed out by the Science Of Us, those among us who are constantly, consistently, eerily nice might not have the best of intentions. According to the research presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics in Beijing, people who are “excessively,” overbearingly polite are more likely to betray their peers than the rest of us.

Honestly, this sounds like common sense. If someone is consistently sidling up to you as you try to get coffee in the morning and telling you just how incredible you look when you’re certain that you’re wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday, you have to wonder about their motives. This seems like a paranoid way to live your life, but hey, the research backs it up. Betrayal, that insidious, slippery thing that slinks through the grass, is all around us. The adage about getting more flies with honey than vinegar means that people who want to eventually get you when you’re not looking are going to be super, extra nice to your face, while plotting something nefarious behind your back.

Does this mean you should live your life in fear, peeking around every corner for your best friend lying in wait with a knife, ready to take you down? No. That’s crazy. But it’s maybe okay to be a little wary of those who shower you with compliments for what seems like absolutely no reason. [The Science of Us]