Alison Parker & Adam Ward’s WDBJ Colleagues Pay Tribute To Murdered Journalists

Yesterday’s murder of two TV news journalists in Virginia, broadcast on live TV, is so horrible, I am honestly still trying to wrap my brain around it. This morning, Alison Parker and Adam Ward’s WDBJ colleagues joined hands and paid tribute to them. As anchor Kimberly McBroom put it:

“They were out in the field. The story was like so many others they did all the time, reporting on our hometowns. They were at Bridgewater Plaza to report on a happy event, the 50th anniversary of the lake. Just a feature. And it was during a conversation with Vicki Garnder about another reason why we love living here when the peacefulness of community was shattered. As we approach that moment we want to pause and reflect and share once again what made these two so special.”

Watch above. [Gawker]


Hell yes, Kurt Sutter is planning a “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff about the Mayans, the Oakland-based Hispanic motorcycle club that was often at odds with SAMCRO. [EW]

Tobias Strebel, the young man who spent a ton of money on plastic surgery in an effort to look like Justin Bieber, was found dead at a Motel 6 in North Hills, California, apparently surrounded by drugs. Strebel appeared on both “My Strange Addiction” and “Botched.” So sad. [Variety]

Holding out hope that Anna Duggar will come to her senses and realize her husband Josh is a hypocritical sack of shit whose upbringing in a religious cult is in large part to blame for his recent transgressions? Yeah, fat chance — it turns out that her parents are even more conservative and regressive than his. Sigh. Listen to this tidbit about what it was like growing up Anna Keller, one of eight siblings: “They always got 15-minute, one-on-one sessions with their mom every week. That was the time to share their feelings, but other than that they had to keep their feelings to themselves.” [People]

Aside from taking delight in seeing Josh Duggar’s hypocritical facade crumble, I actually find the Ashley Madison leak to be a needlessly cruel invasion of privacy cloaked in self-righteous moralism. Chances are pretty good that a lot of the men who were outed as having accounts with the site never actually followed through on cheating — because a vast majority of the women’s accounts are fake. Basically, a bunch of lives were destroyed over the fantasy of infidelity. [Us Weekly]

Miley Cyrus stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night to promote her upcoming MTV Video Music Awards hosting gig and to go undercover for a segment asking random people for their opinions on … Miley Cyrus.

To think it was just two years ago that Miley twerked against Robin Thicke’s nasty crotch and faux masturbated with a foam hand, inspiring a thousand thinkpieces. I think Miley has matured a lot since then, but she still has that youthful, crazy, weird, don’t-know-what-to-expect-from-her spirit that will make her a super entertaining host. [Us Weekly]

Rosie O’Donnell’s teenage daughter Chelsea, who went briefly missing last week before being found at a 25-year-old drug dealer’s house, has apparently moved in with her birth mom. Chelsea just turned 18 and apparently spent her birthday driving to Wisconsin to live with Deanna Micoley, who she didn’t meet until last year. [TMZ]

I cannot get over this mother-daughter duo that has gotten buckets of plastic surgery to look like British D-lister Katie Price. I mean, couldn’t they have gotten their eyebrows tattooed on STRAIGHT at least?? [Dlisted]


Slay, Serena, SLAY. [Buzzfeed]

Look back at it.

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