Napa Wine Train Exec Apologizes: “We Were 100 Percent In The Wrong”

Hey, remember that time that book club was kicked off a Napa Valley Wine Train for being too loud? Those women will most likely remember it for the rest of their time on this earth, but at least they got this very kind and actually sincere apology from the CEO, Anthony “Tony” Giaccio. “We accept full responsibility for our failures and the entire chain of unfortunate events you experienced,” Giaccio wrote. “Please accept my apologies for our many mistakes and failures.”

The apology, as published on Businesswire, details the ways in which the Napa Valley Wine Train fucked up:

We were insensitive when we asked you to depart our train by marching you down the aisle past all the other passengers. While that was the safest route for disembarking, it showed a lack of sensitivity on our part that I did not fully conceive of until you explained the humiliation of the experience and how it impacted you and your fellow Book Club members.

We also erred by placing an inaccurate post on our Facebook site that was not reflective of what actually occurred. In the haste to respond to criticism and news inquires, we made a bad situation worse by rushing to answer questions on social media. We quickly removed the inaccurate post, but the harm was done by our erroneous post.

Giaccio very nicely concludes by offering the book club and 39 guests a free ride on a private Napa Valley Wine Train car. He will also implement diversity training for himself and his staff. That’s great! Frankly, all of America needs diversity training, but baby steps, folks. We’re glad Giaccio apologized — it’s adult, it’s polite, it’s right — but we sincerely hope incidents like this stop happening.