Melissa McCarthy Tweets A Photo Of The Ladies Of “Ghostbusters”

Dooooope! Melissa McCarthy tweeted out a picture of all of the women on the cast and crew of the new “Ghostbusters,” each holding a sign marked with their role on the set. She dedicated it to Ellen DeGeneres, saying, “When we stand together we are unstoppable!

Amen! How cool. It’s even cooler than the fact that Chris Hemsworth plays a secretary named Kevin, the news of which casting decision made probably the entire geek internet’s whole year. If you haven’t seen the (apparently illegal?) photo of Hemsworth wearing the most adorable glasses on Earth in costume, here you go:

Various parts of the human population are still bummed about this female-led “Ghostbusters” effort, but I don’t know, every single piece of news I hear about it just keeps seeming better and better!




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Image via Twitter
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